Dance classes

At Dance 2.0, the year is divided into four blocks of maximum ten weeks. The first lesson of the block is a free trial lesson open to everyone. All classes are taught by a professional dance instructor. The styles taught vary from block to block, which is ideal if you want to try different styles and do not want to make a long-term commitment. In short:

  • 4 blocks per year
  • 9 paid lessons and 1 free trial lesson (registration is not required for the trial lesson)
  • Instructors and dance styles vary each block
  • Registration per block

Programme Block 3 2019-2020


Day Time Class Teacher Level Free trial Class dates
Monday 19.30-20.45 Jazz Jamie de Groot Advanced 10 Februari 17 Februari up to 6 April*
20.45-22.00 Modern floorwork Jamie de Groot Intermediate 10 Februari 17 Februari up to 6 April*
Tuesday 19.30-20.45 HipHop Eva Scherpenisse Advanced 11 Februari 18 Februari up to 14 april
20.45-22.00 African Dance Eva Scherpenisse Intermediate 11 Februari 18 Februari up to 14 april
Wednesday 19.45- 21.15 Urban Contemporary Nina van der Zouwen Intermediate 12 Februari 19 Februari up to 15 april
NOTE: Due to the Easter holidays, there will be no classes on the 13th of April!



Dance 2.0 would like to offer affordable dance classes. For a 90 minute lesson, you pay €7.50, for 75 minutes you pay €6.50 and for 60 minutes you pay €5.50. If you sign up for more than one class, you will get a 15 percent discount (on the cheapest class). If you sign up for more than two classes, you get a 20% discount.

  • Jazz: 8 x €6.50 = €52,-
  • Modern floorwork: 8 x €6.50 = €52,-
  • Hiphop: 9 x €6.50 = €58.50
  • African Dance: 9 x €6.50 = €58.50
  • Urban Contemporary: 9 x €7.50 = €67.50

Beside the fee(s) for the dance classes, you annually pay a €15 membership fee. The fees must be paid before commencement of the first lesson of the next block, by bank transfer to NL16INGB0004824415 in the name of Vereniging Dance 2.0.